Map of Kaldana Players  

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Welcome to The Lands of Kaldana  

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Welcome to Kaldana, wanderer. Your story begins in a small port city called Myronmet. Home of sea traders and fishermen, Myronmet is a small jewel in the southwest fringes of the Majestic Continent. While officially part of the bloated Majestic Empire, it is too far away from the seat of the Empress to feel any Imperial influence.

A general quickstart has been created to help you take your first steps. While Revelation is a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) and text-based, it has a custom graphical client that streamlines the way a person interacts with the client. You won't have to type out excessive commands to attack your target or cast spells, most of it can be done with simple button pushes.

If you are new to Revelation, we suggest you start with the section "Client Features" to learn your way around the client and how to take full advantage of it. If you are looking for a certain bit of information, you can select from the following categories:

Download Revelation 0.42